Sunday, February 13, 2011


Snow, Snow, and more snow......It has been snowing almost every days for weeks. The snow banks are getting higher and higher. Peter still loves to shovel snow by hand (the snowblower is old and harder on the back than a shovel). In the last week, the wind has been added to the mix. When it is not snowing, it is blowing and more shoveling in needed.

One morning the driveway was clear, so we thought that no shoveling was needed, but the car got stuck on Gun Club Road. The drifts that formed overnight, went right across the road. Peter shoveled a path to let me get through and to work. Just after that, the plow came by....figures! The drift just to the north of our drive was over 5 feet high. Every time the plow goes by it gets even higher.

That being said, it is very pretty out here. You actually want to drive around and look at the fantastic wind sculpted drifts everywhere.

Just another reason to love our little part of 'the county'. (picture below is Gun Club Road, just before the plow came by on February 12, 2011)