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A while ago (late October, in fact), Sarah over at FairyFace Designs, asked people to make a list of what they were working on over the winter.  (You can link to her post here:

I was tardy and too late to join the list, but did make one and thought this would be a great time to share it along with my progress.  I will continue to update this list monthly.  BTW - these are in no particular order.

1.  Complete 'mug rugs' for the office Christmas Exchange - Complete and presented.

2.  Participate in the 12 Days of Christ Quilt Along - the first such event I have joined - status - Quilt top is now completed and I hope to start quilting it this weekend (for my daughter, Melissa).  I have how machine quilted this quilt and have decided that since it missed the Christmas deadline for this year, I am adding some hand quilting to it.  I have been hand quilting for the past is almost complete now, just have decorative buttons to is sooooo cute.  
3.  Mystery Quilt (Prince Edward County Quilters' Guild - PECQG).  The project is called Beyond the Block.  I need to have this completed for the Guild's quilt show in July 2012 - status - all sections completed to date.  December's installment was on how to put it all together, which has now been done.  I am now debating whether or not it needs a border.  After much deliberation, I have decided against a border.  This quilt is very busy and I think another border would be too much, so it has gone to the long arm quilter.

4.  Finish hand quilting "Indigo Stars" - status - approximately 2/3 complete.  Jan 2/12 - inside blocks are now all hand quilted - only the border left to finish.  Jan 25/12 - completed and washed for that nice crinkly look - it is being used in my living room already! :)

5.  Bind "Tennessee Waltz" once returned from long arm quilter.  This quilt is still not returned from the quilter...looking forward to seeing it soon though.  I am so happy that this quilt has been completed by my long arm quilter!  She delivered it and it is now completely finished!  YAY!

6.  Quilt and bind "The Big Flake", last year's mystery mail out from "The Quilt Patch" in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  I have sandwiched this quilt and am hand quilting it - I love the hand quilted look - maybe I will have it finished to put in the quilt show in July!?

7.  Start 2011's mystery mail out from "The Quilt Patch" in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

8.  Quiltsy Team - join something.  Jan 2/12 - left this team - it was one thing too many to add to my world.
9.  Organize Quilt Room!!!
10.  Start quilting with friends/associates at the office (once a week or once a month)
11.  Complete "Winter Enchantment" - Christmas present for DM - status - complete and presented

12.  Finish "Stars over Fort Sumter"  - status - completed and waiting to be delivered to long arm quilter.  Delivered to the long arm quilter.

13.  Make gift for MLW for new apartment/Christmas - status - complete and presented

14.  Christmas gift for Amanda - status - complete and presented

15.  Mug rugs - last minute gifts to be added for Christmas - for MIL, SIL, Mum, Neighbour

16.  Last minute Christmas make for my daughter (made with left-overs from the 12 Days of Christmas Quilt Along)  Completed

17.  Last minute Holiday table runner for my living room.

18.  Swaps - Japanese x and + blocks - status - made 20 blocks for exchange.  Mailed 20 blocks to Issabella the Cat for the exchange - waiting for replacements.

19.  Modern Minx Bee - I am the January Minx and have prepared the tutorial for the "Envy" block (from "Modern Blocks - 99 Quilt Blocks from your Favorite Designers" compiled by Susanne Woods).  Let the sewing begin!  The Modern Minx's have all completed this months assignment and I am eagerly awaiting the blocks in the mail!  I have been receiving lots of FABULOUS mail - to date I have received 9 out of 11 blocks from all around the world - this will be a magnificent Quilt!!!

20.  Joined Fresh-Squeezed Projects - first assignment a trio of Courthouse Steps mini quilts.

21.  Joined Happy Scrap Quilt Block Swap - first assignment  Arrow Blocks - completed and sent.

22.  Joined {Modern} Robin with my partner, Twinkle Toes UK -  I have made and sent my piece and am waiting for Twinkle Toes' to arrive.  I have received Jo's center piece and put a simple border around it and have mailed it back to her in the UK...I hope she likes what I have done and can't wait to get mine back for the next round! :) 

So you can see that I will be very busy this winter.  I have made good progress and still have lots to do.  The cold Canadian winter is the PERFECT time for sewing and quilting.

Lots accomplished in the last little while....still much to be done....


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