Sunday, October 17, 2010

Catching Up!

OK - so I'm not good at this. The intention was good. So let's move forward and try this again.

We have been here over a year now. My what a difference a year makes. I will update some of our achievements over the past year and some before & after photos too!

Peter is a changed man. He loves his little estate and all the work that goes with it. The first time Peter cut the lawn, it took 10 hours!

He had never used a riding lawn mower and we do have a lot of mature trees! I think that he has managed to get it down to 3 hours on the riding mower and another 3 with the push mower and 'weed whacker'.

When the stream bed is dry, it does take a little longer, as we cut that too, to keep down the bug population.

Peter loves keeping the yard looking neat and tidy and has had many comments from neighbours and 'passers by' that it looks great. He waves at everyone as they drive by and is well known in the community now.
Next time - the garden.......stay tuned.

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