Thursday, October 21, 2010

The "Purple Pig"

As you now know, we have moved to the country.

We have an acre of land with mature trees, a "sometime" stream or 'crick' and a fairly big garden. All this comes with quite a bit of maintenance and many trips to the local transfer station, or as more commonly referred to - the dump.

We also have a well, which when the rains don't come, may get pretty low, necessitating the need to 'haul water'.

In order to keep up with all these chores, we bought a pick up truck.

Peter's new pride and joy is a 1992 Ford F150 with 3/4 ton springs. It has over 225,000 kilometres on it and has been painted an interested shade of purple. The truck has been christened with the name: The Purple Pig! It is so old, that in another year, it won't need an emmissions test to get a new license sticker! Amazing! It has some rust, even a few holes in the floor of the cab, but is reasonably sound.

Peter happily cruises the local highways & by-ways, waving at everyone as he goes along. Everyone knows him now. He has become part of 'the county'! :)

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