Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Stitching ...

A while ago (late October, in fact), Sarah over at FairyFace Designs, asked people to make a list of what they were working on over the winter.  (You can link to her post here:

I was tardy and too late to join the list, but did make one and thought this would be a great time to share it along with my progress so far.  BTW - these are in no particular order.

1.  Complete 'mug rugs' for the office Christmas Exchange - Complete
Mug Rugs for Office gift exchange
2.  Participate in the 12 Days of Christmas Quilt Along - the first such event I have joined - status - Quilt top is now complete and I hope to start quilting it this weekend (for my daughter, Melissa)
12 Days of Christmas Quilt Along 

3.  Mystery Quilt (Prince Edward County Quilters' Guild - PECQG).  The project is called Beyond the Block.  I need to have this completed for the Guild's quilt show in July 2012 - status - all sections completed to date.

4.  Finish hand quilting "Indigo Stars" - status - approximately 2/3 complete
Indigo Stars

5.  Bind "Tennessee Waltz" once returned from long arm quilter

6.  Quilt & bind "Freezin' Season 2010" {Freezin' Season is an annual mystery quilt that is mailed out from The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan}
The Big Flake

7. "Freezin' Season 2011" - start and finish?

8.  Quiltsy Team on Etsy - join something

9.  Organize quilt room

10.  Visit my daughters in Toronto

11.  Start quilting with friends at work (once a week or once a month)

12.  Complete "Winter Enchantment" - Christmas present for Diny - status - complete
Winter Enchantment

13.  Finish "Stars Over Fort Sumter"
Stars Over Fort Sumter

14.  Make gift for Mary Lou - new apartment/Christmas - status - completed and given
Scandinavian Christmas Tree (red) - pattern from VeryKerryBerry

15.  Complete gift for Amanda - status - completed and given
Scandinavian Christmas Tree (green) - pattern from VeryKerryBerry

So as you can see - I am going to be busy this winter....

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  1. Sounds like you definitely have enough to keep you busy! Your projects look great!